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Why Bien Waves?

We, Bien Distribution Pvt Ltd, well known as BienWaves Group of Companies, are a fastest growing company from Agra u.p. This organization is soon going to be a corporate house of india.

We as a corporate are multi dimensional business house who are doing business with mind set of public welfare also.We are dealing into different segments for profit making simultaneously for public welfare also like:-

We deal into real estate with a different idea of provinding free home to the public as a home is need and every human being and shelter his birth right also. For that we minimize our profit and share with our clients,consumer and associates.This innovative idea is been popular and people are availing this formula.

We have other venture of in Health Care sector with vision tag line “Healthy People, Healthy Nation.” Under this venture we are going to open exclusive generic medicine store andheath care centre nation wide at thisstore poor grade people will get treatmentat"Low Cost asNo Cost". Our doctor atthe center will consult patient at 1Rs fees and already economical medicine will be sold at huge discount even medical test will be lowest cost in india.

We are into online shopping mall also with the intension to provide quality product at lowest cost for this we have tie-ups with big brands and minimizing our profit sharing to consumers with a referal program a ‘365 days bonanza’ will be the uniqueness of our portal.

Education is the vast sector and its importance also lies in itself a well educated youth is an asset to nation and also add to develop the country.

For that we are planning to open a campus from france with the I-PAG business school, physically in india, our this effort is to provide an internation education set up in india.Though this campus we provide international standard education at lowest cost.

We are proud to define Zivitam Ageing theory in front of all human beings at global level.

What we can understand by the world ageing:- The biggest challenge for all human beings at global level is day by day increasing level of impurities.Through ageing process with all types of fruits,vegetables,flowers,crops,pulses,oils,herbs and shrubs.We will provide all the above inventioned items in their natural form,like taste,smell.quality and healthy nature.We will provide (250-500 years back) orginal purity process:-

Process to link with farmers:-We are going to teach and trained scientifically technology and bio naturally through our world class expensive at local/city/village/state level.

So we are trying to cover all basic aspect of a human being like house,health,education and purity to develop country.

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We offer our services in Production, Real estate, Universities and Finance sectors.

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